They make YOU feel special, like family

My dream was to see the Irish countryside. Well, you can’t get more country than this! Down a dirt road, past sheep dotting the rugged hills, over a little bridge, slowly forward – you must bid cattle and horses to move along so you can get by (don’t forget to close the gate) and upon the hillside overlooking the glorious hills beyond, you will find the most quaint, peaceful, and lovely home of Jan and Karen – two very special people we will never forget. They make YOU feel special, like family, and generously fill your bellies each morning with Irish breakfast and warm your hearts with their hospitality. Stay as long as you can. It will restore your soul! I am so saddened we didn’t stay longer. We missed some amazing hikes and some of their local tips. What we did get right was coming back in the evening – the conversation and music around the fireplace were more special than a night in the town pubs. This was also the perfect jump-off point to the ring of Kerry, which was also an incredible experience. We will be ever grateful to Jan and Karen!