A new road

We were looking forward to it. At the end of September 2022, the old mountain road was renovated. A project in which we again met

The birds on Annagh-More

From dawn till dusk you will notice the birds on Annagh More, just by hearing them.. This surely is a paradise for bird lovers. The regular garden birds live in great numbers around the house. Just look out of the kitchen window and you will see them on their feeding table. Read More….

Annagh More and Crohane Montain

The origins of the name Annagh More

This text in 16th/17th century Irish translates as: The Townlands of Annagh Beg and Annagh More, locally known as Annies with The Paps of Anu in the east.

Annagh More revived

There is a difference between a landscape that has always been nature, and a landscape that was once lived in and been worked on by people

Annagh More and Crohane Mountain

Fáilte! Welcome

Our dream has come true, after a long search, we found this house in 2014 and it did not let us go. Last summer we went to look again and in the autumn of 2015, it is ours. An old irish farm house on a mountain in the south of Ireland. We call it Annagh More, to the townland where it is part of.