reduce. reuse. recycle.

Eco friendly accommodation

We provide quality accommodation in a self-sufficient way and do our best to minimise and reduce the impact on the environment and climate with our activities and lifestyle.

We encourage our guests to help us while staying with us:

Ecological waste treatment

Some waste products are just the ideal food for other species. We have a compost bin in the vegetable garden for kitchen waste.

We use Ecological detergents and cleaning products and recycle and reuse as much as possible.

Our water supply

In the lower garden is an old Well, wich is used by locals for a long time. We use this soft and fresh water  from the mountains.

Water recycling

The wastewater is first transported through pipelines to the septic tank system.
The waste water is filtered, this so called grey water goes back into nature.

Because whe recycle our own water back in to nature, you can help us by using Organic bathroom products.
In your bathroom at Annagh more you will find free organic bathroom products;  Faith in Nature.

The well of Anu