Eco friendly accommodation

We provide quality accommodation in a self-sufficient way and do our best to minimise and reduce the impact on the environment and climate with our activities and lifestyle.

And there is more……


You can enjoy the daily country life on a farm when you stay here. We live and work in balance with the land and nature and learn to be more and more self-sufficient. It means that we provide for ourselves without relying too much on external sources of goods or services. 

We produce food from the land, generate power through solar panels, have a well on the land for fresh mountain water and manage waste through composting or other sustainable methods.  Read more..

You are welcome to explore : 

  • Let the hens out in the morning, collect the eggs, and see how the donkeys return to their field at the end of the day. 
  • See how food grows and tastes fresh strawberries from the land and tomatoes from our polytunnel. 
  • Discover the Trees, plants and flowers in our Gardens, every day pollinated by our native Irish black bee, which lives in a hive at the back of our land. 
  • Sit on the patio with coffee in the morning and see how the sun is coming up, and the sheep roam free in the mountains; hear the birds in the surrounding trees. 

Welcome to stay and enjoy the hospitality on our working smallholding farm.